In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have a co-operation with a leading manufacturer that has 1600 employees. The company has passed international standard product authentications in safety assurance including ISO9001, CE, GS and UL, acquiring TUV, ITS and National 3C certification.

Since the company was first established, it has been working to research and design new types of illuminants to adapt to rapidly changing market demands, setting up the R & D centres both in Shanghai and Ningbo. By June 2009, the company had finished improving and adjusting the energy efficiency of our energy saving lamps in accordance with the EU standard IEC 60969, effective as of September 1st2009. By the end of 2010, the company had developed more than 100 types of LED product, including LED bulbs, fixtures and drivers. We have a monthly capacity of 3 million CFL, 1 million ballasts and transformer, and 200,000 LED lights.

The company employs a strict management philosophy throughout the whole company. Every department and workshop are examined each month to ensure it is organized, tidy, clean, safe, efficient and staffed by happy workers.

With advanced technology, standard workshops and modern management, this company always offers our clients a variety of products, ensuring high quality and the best service.

3S LTD, was created through the coordinated team effort of four people with different personalities but sharing a common vision and values, with the objective to become a leader in the field of trading in EUROPE-ASIA and vice versa. Our company was established in Hong Kong with a business model of importing – exporting goods to and from Europe. We import products from all over the world to ASIA by the sole criterion the quality and we also export a variety of products from Asia to all over the world, according to our customers’ demands.

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