In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have a co-operation with a leading manufacturer of adult diapers It owns the most advanced production line in the world for adult diapers (pull-up pants) which was imported from Italy. It is also the only one fully automatic production line in China, which can produce 300 adult pull-ups per minute with the annual output of over 60 million US dollars. It has established the ISO13485 quality management system and accomplished the FDA registration.

The adult pull-up products are made of high quality materials with unique design, characterized by perfect fitness for the body, maximum freedom for daily activities and fragrant odor. The product is suitable for mild, moderate or severe incontinent people, people with urinary frequency, urinary urgency and other symptoms, senile dementia people. It can also meet the needs of people in training, long-distance travel and female menstrual period.
The goal is to become the largest manufacturer in the world for adult protective products within 5 years.

3S LTD, was created through the coordinated team effort of four people with different personalities but sharing a common vision and values, with the objective to become a leader in the field of trading in EUROPE-ASIA and vice versa. Our company was established in Hong Kong with a business model of importing – exporting goods to and from Europe. We import products from all over the world to ASIA by the sole criterion the quality and we also export a variety of products from Asia to all over the world, according to our customers’ demands.

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