In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have a co-operation with one of the biggest alkaline battery manufacturer, that has total 36 production lines for different size of zinc-carbon batteries, mercury free alkaline batteries, mercury free lithium button cells and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries. Annual production capacity is 2 billion pieces of batteries. In 2001, this manufacturer has imported world’s most advanced automatic production line for battery size LR6 and LR03 from Canada Hibar. From the year 2010, start to research and develop high speed automatic production lines which are comparable with world’s most advanced lines. Till now, it has successfully developed 4 lines, which can increase the production capacity 720million pieces each year. In 2012, the annual output is up to 1.6 billion pieces of batteries, and turnover is RMB 800million.

The factory has an Engineering and Technology Center for Primary Battery that occupies 3000 square meters and is equipped with 108 sets test machines. This factory is the first one that develops mercury /cadmium free green cell and mercury / cadmium/ lead free green cell, and won the Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The overall performance of size R03 and R6P ranked NO.1 in China during sampling test carried out by the National Quality Inspection Center of Light Industry. The factory has passed ISO9000 Quality Management System and ISO14000 environmental management system. The products are conformed to international standards, and are sold to more than 70 countries and districts in EU/North America/Southeast Asia.

3S LTD, was created through the coordinated team effort of four people with different personalities but sharing a common vision and values, with the objective to become a leader in the field of trading in EUROPE-ASIA and vice versa. Our company was established in Hong Kong with a business model of importing – exporting goods to and from Europe. We import products from all over the world to ASIA by the sole criterion the quality and we also export a variety of products from Asia to all over the world, according to our customers’ demands.

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