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Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece

On June 2012 our company took part in the Mediterranean International Olive oil Competition in Israel and our Olive Oil Cretan’s won the GOLD medal. On June 2013 our company took part in the Mediterranean International Olive oil Competition in Israel and our Olive Oil Cretan’s won the PRESTIGE GOLD medal.


DORICA Red label

DORICA Red label

Extra Virgin Olive oil from Crete, Greece 0,5%
DANAE Black label

DANAE Black label

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete, Greece 0,4%
MARASCA Green label

MARASCA Green label

Extra Virgin Olive oil from Crete, Greece 0,5%


  • Organic Extra Virgin olive oil in all kinds of packaging
  • Extra Virgin olive oi in all kinds of packaging
  • Extra Virgin olive oil in bulk (flexitank)     
  • Virgin olive oil in all kinds of packaging
  • Pomace oil in all kinds of packaging

Our enterprise having pioneered in the standardization and the export of olive oil is classified among the biggest enterprises in the whole of Crete in this field this period. While expanding with gigantic steps and outlining accelerative speed and dynamic presence in a sensitive and vital field for the economic development of Crete.
The company has a fifty year experience to his credit in the market and knowing the rules of marketing and globalisation very well, the founder of the enterprises has visualized and manufactured a contemporary plant which processes oil core convinced of the usefulness of the construction to the development of the area.
Standardizing industry
The first field in which our company developed a rich enterprising activity was the one of the standardization and commerce of olive oil.
With our facilities as a point of reference the enterprise has achieved an extensive breadth day by day, while competing the rest in the area gaining the preference and respect of the people. Its dynamic started to develop, rapidly, managing to consist one of the biggest standardization and packaging units of olive oil in the prefecture of Heraklion, today. In the contemporary facilities that exist our company standardizes the well - known to all "Cretans" in metallic packaging of 5lt and 3lt and glass containers of 1lt, 0.75lt, 0,50lt and 0,25lt.
Parallel to the standardization of olive oil, our company deals with the trade of the product. A particularly developed net of trade delegates in Greece and abroad is functioning which promotes the olive oil in the markets of Europe (Germany, Austria, England, France, Cyprus), USA (through cooperator), South Africa (through cooperator), Russia (through cooperator), Ukraine (through cooperator), China and Brazil.
Apart from the markets overseas, our company composes the exclusive caterer of olive oil for all the forces of the Greek Army. Steps, which undoubtedly constitute the best recognition, fortification and certification of quality. In the facilities of the enterprise there are stainless containers of 10.000 tones capacity, as well as the central offices of the enterprise.

Quality of Olive Oil
The  special  geo-climatic  conditions  of  Crete and, in particular, the sun-drenched days of summer and autumn, along with the proper application of local research, not to mention the love of the Cretans for the olive tree and its  oil,  have  all  culminated  in  a  spectacular improvement  in  the  level  of  quality!  Today, the olive oil produced in Crete belongs to the highest category of quality labelled as "Extra Virgin".

Categories of Olive Oil Quality
Quality plays a decisive role in the taste and the health benefits of olive oil. This is why the consumer    must    be    able    to    distinguish between  the  various  types  of  quality  and make his choice accordingly.

Factors favouring quality
Olive  oil  as  it  is  produced  on  Crete  today  has  excellent  quality  characteristics.  Its  acidity  is extremely low and its organoleptic characteristics (flavour, aroma) are excellent. Thus a quite large percentage of Cretan olive oil in the order of 85-95%, depending on annual conditions, is placed in the highest quality category of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. The corresponding figures for  olive  oils  from  other  olive  oil  producing  countries  are  today  considerably  lower.  Its excellent organoleptic characteristics, in other words the unparalleled flavour and exceptional aroma of Cretan olive oil, is certainly due to the high levels of sunshine and the dry climate which prevails in most areas of the island, particularly during the autumn and winter period when the oil is formed in the fruit. Nonetheless, achievement of the top quality of Cretan olive oil  is  also  contributed  to  and  assisted  by  the  diligent  cultivation  of  producers  and  effective combating  of  the  olive  fly  in  conjunction  with  proper  and  rapid  harvesting.  Shortening  the period of time between harvesting and pressing and the high conditions of cleanliness of the olive  fruit  from  the  olive  plantation  to  the  olive  press  are  also  considered  to  be  important technical factors which contribute decisively to improving quality. Shortening the time from harvesting to pressing, which over recent years has reached just 1-2 days, is a Greek success which is due, in addition to mechanizing of harvesting using small olive collection devices, too to the large number of modern high capacity olive presses which exist on Crete which manage to process almost all olives received each day.

International recognition of quality
The  quality  of  extra  virgin  olive  oil  produced  on  Crete  has  been  officially  recognized  by international  organizations,  leading  scientists  and  specialist  tasters.  However,  practical acknowledgement of the quality lead of Cretan olive oil is demonstrated by the demand for it and  its  supply  to  major  international,  and  in  particular  Italian,  processing  industries  which absorb almost all production each year in order to produce their own higher quality blends.
Moreover, Cretan olive oil has also been awarded a plethora of international prizes and other acknowledgements in official international and global contests.

Exports of Cretan Olive Oil
Of the quantity of 150,000 tons of olive oil produced on Crete on average per year only a small percentage, approximately 10%, is consumed on the island by permanent residents (around 0.5 million) and by Greek and foreign tourists (around 3 million per year) who visit the island each year. The remaining 90% of oil from Crete is exported from the island either to various other areas of Greece or, primarily, to other countries abroad thus contributing around 30% to  the  gross  annual  income  of  residents  on  the  island.  A  significant  part  (around  90%)  of exports of top quality EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil from Crete is purchased each year in bulk from other countries. The remaining 10% of exports are aimed at the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, England, France, Belgium, Holland and other European countries most of which is packaged by cooperatives or private enterprises on Crete.


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