Eza protypos hellenic brewery continues to innovate by launching a new, fresh summer beer. "Blue Island" is the new creation of eza and is the first Greek summer beer, perfect to satisfy your thirst and refresh you in all your summer moments. Combining high quality with modern packaging is here to surprise you and give you an unforgettable summer!
Blue Island is a high quality product that will win the Greek and foreign consumers because of its Greekness, its different flavor and modern packaging in clear white bottle. Its high quality is ensured through the production process followed by strict standards. The excellence in quality and flavor due to the production by more expensive materials, from traditional barley malt, yeast and hops gives to Blue Island aroma and incomparable flavor.
The appearance of Blue Island is simple and elegant, refined and studied as the beer itself, perfectly in tune with the high quality, which is aimed at discerning consumers. Its high quality places it among the top beers. A new cold Greek beer on the classic hot Greek summer. This is Blue Island. Destination fun!
Characteristics Blue Island

Color: Blond
Taste: The excellence in quality and flavor due to the production from expensive materials, from traditional barley malt, yeast and hops gives to Blue Island its characteristic aroma and incomparable flavor. Its appearance is simple and elegant, refined and studied as the beer itself, perfectly in tune with its high quality which is aimed at discerning consumers.
Alcohol: 4.5%

We are Proud to Announce that BLUE ISLAND PREMIUM BEER Won the Runner-Up Medallion in the category of "New Product Innovation of the Year 2012" at the Canadian's International Beer Strategy Congress held in Prague on May 14 & 15, 2013!


1. Which are the ingredients of beer?

The beer according to the law of cleanliness of – the older in force law - is produced by malted barley, hop and water. Later was added the yeast, which was not still known for its attributes when was published the law of cleanliness, in 1516. It is worth mentioned that the water constitutes the 90% of components of beer and contributes in its special flavor.

2. Which are the different types of beer?
The beers are separated in three basic categories, depending on the type of fermentation that is used for their production.
We distinguish:

We distinguish:

Icon TrainerAle, beers that have been kneaded with porter that are active in temperatures between 15th C - 25th C. The basic characteristic of Ale is their fruity aroma.

Icon TrainerLager, beers that have been fermented with yeast that ferment the wort slowly and in low temperatures (5th C - 10th C). Afterwards their fermentation it is continued in suitable warehouses in low temperatures.

Icon TrainerLambic, beers that have a unique fermentation method, physics, namely the wort is fermented using wild yeasts. The Lambic are produced mostly from malted barley (60%), oats (40%) and wheat. Also, the hop that is used is 3 years old in order to avoid giving a strong aroma to beer and also to protect against deterioration.



3. What is the proper way to store a beer?

Unlike wine, beer should always be consumed fresh. If, for example, a bottle is kept hidden for five years, when you open it you will be disappointed. The freshness of the beer brings out the flavor and its aromatic characteristics.

4. Where a beer needs to be stored when it is out of the refrigerator?

Beer loves darkness. Therefore, the most appropriate place for safekeeping, must be dark, dry and clean. Also, the boxes should be protected from moisture. Cool temperatures are ideal for keeping a beer, but it should not be too low. If the beer freeze, then the ingredients are brokend down and it is turned into ice.


5. What is the proper serving temperature of a beer?
The beer should be served in 6ο C. Also, the temperature of the refrigerator should be 2-4ο C, so that, when it will be served, to reach the 6ο C.
6. Why we should not put the beer in the freezer?
Because the flavor characteristics of the beer are altering and also, when open, it will overflow.
7. What is the proper way to open a beer bottle?
When you open a beer bottle with abeer opener, hold it over the side and not underneath. Remove the lid carefully. Also avoid the sudden opening, because the beer will overflow. 8. When a beer overflow?
When its temperature is low, below the 6 C, and is not fresh.
9. How to drink a beer? From the bottle or the glass?
The beer is never drunk from the bottle. In that way, we can always see what we drink and achieve better control of the foam.


10. How a beer is served properly?
The beer should be served by holding the glass in a 45 degrees bent, and gradually bring it back upright and remove the bottle slowly. Allow the beer to flow in order to form a dense foam. A beer, when it is served, it must have a crown of rich foam.
11. How to drink a weiss beer?
A weiss beer, like Arcobrau, should always be served on its own glass, which helps in maintaining the aroma and the foam. First rinse the glass. Then serve beer in the glass by holding with 45 degrees bent, and gradually bring it back upright. Serve only 3/4 of beer. Leave the rest in the bottle. Shake the bottle slowly, in oreder to be mixed thoroughly the yeast residues that are left and create a rich foam. Finally, serve the rest of the beer, which is already in a vertical position.


12. Since when the beer is produced?
Since 6,000 years! The Sumerians, who observed the phenomenon of fermentation. were able to create a drink from wheat grain and honey, which is offered to the gods and kings. Afterwards, the Babylonians developed the technique of brewing and produced 20 different types of beer, which were exported to Egypt. The people were getting a daily share of this drink depending on their social position. Every day, the workers were taking 2 liters, 3 liters the employees and the supervisors and the senior clerics 5 liters.
13. When did start the industrialisation of beer?
The industrialization of beer started in the 19th century, just after two breakthroughs: the steam engine by James Watt and cooling by Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde.


14. Which is the procedure in order to have clean glasses for serving beer?
The glasses should not have traces of salt and fat and should be washed by hand with a special detergent. Do not ever put them in a dishwasher. The glasses should be cool and you should be able to see the purity holding it up under the light.
15. What is the proper temperature of the glass?
From +2ο C and up to +5ο C. The aromatic beers should be served at +5ο C up to +9ο C.
16. What is the significance of the glass?
From the time that Sumerians were drinking beer from a barrel or on the horns of animals,there has been a long time ago . In the 19th century began the beer drinking in glasses, first in Germany and then in Czechoslovakia. Then, for each type of beer was created the appropriate glass.

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