SINO SILA SPIRIT Ltd, was created through the coordinated team effort of four people with different personalities but sharing a common vision and values, with the objective to become a leader in the field of trading in EUROPE-ASIA and vice versa. Our company was established in Hong Kong with a business model of importing – exporting goods to and from Europe.
We import products from all over the world (with emphasize from Mediterranean countries) to ASIA by the sole criterion the quality and we also export a variety of products from Asia to all over the world, according to our customers’ demands.

Our company is founded with the empowering vision to advocate and promote globally:

  • The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in our company’s olive oil mill in Crete.
  • The Wine produced in different regions of Greece.
  • Beer produced in Greece followed by strict standards, with great aroma and incomparable flavor.



With respect to human needs and environment, our competitive advantage and main concern is to produce high quality products embodying innovation in all stages of production and supply chain.



Eventually, that balanced combination of the sustainable traditional methods with high technology and the highest strict specifications we use in our production, along with responsible entrepreneurship, consolidated our presence in the highly competitive global markets.



On top of that, our company participation in exhibitions and contests worldwide supports our next target which is to further promote Mediterranean diet and its traditional products.

Over the coming years the company's strategy will pivot around the following axes:

    Expansion in abroad towards new markets, as Asia, Russia, USA, South Africa, directly from us.
    Recognition increase of our brand name.
    Integrating traditional methods with innovation in order to widely offer the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.
    Creating innovative product categories.
    Continuous quality monitoring of our products and supply line and upgrading to the newest and highest standards.
    Satisfying new consumer trends.
    Human Resources continuous development – progress.
    Integral exploitation of all potential synergies.

Corporate Philosophy

    We rely on our customers’ satisfaction.
    We meet the Market’s demands with credibility and flexibility.
    We respect our competitors and we aim to be better than them.
    We develop teamwork spirit, as it multiplies results.
    We exploit synergies resulting among different activities of our Business Units.
    We reward consistency.
    We expand our activities in new markets promoting contemporaneously other Greek traditional products.

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Suite 827, Ocean Centre,
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